Investors are optimistic about 2024

After a mediocre 2023, investors are optimistic about exit and M&A activity picking back up in 2024. Some think we will see the IPO market bounce back.
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Welcome back, and welcome to 2024!

We’re starting the year off on a high note: After a mediocre 2023, investors are optimistic about exit activity picking back up in 2024. Some think M&A activity will skyrocket, while others think we will see the IPO market bounce back.

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But the biggest question on our minds: When will we start seeing all this activity? “While VCs aren’t sure of the timing, they do know the overarching factors that will play a large role in determining that timeline,” writes venture reporter Rebecca Szkutak.

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YL Ventures details the challenges facing Israeli cybersecurity startups

Image Credits: TEK IMAGE/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / Getty Images (Image has been modified)

“There were several impressive funding rounds and acquisitions of Israeli cybersecurity startups in the final quarter of 2023, despite the circumstances,” writes Nadav Lev, the CTO at YL Ventures, “and the effects of these events will most likely be evident only in the first half of 2024.”

Debunking the myth that crowdfunding is only good for cash

Image Credits: Altayb (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Though investors often look down on it, equity crowdfunding can be a good way for startups to get capital. In fact, some founders think that taking this uncommon path can yield a better growth story than chasing a venture capital investor.

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Climate tech might be the hot job market in 2024

Image Credits: Marty Caivano/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera / Getty Images

Layoffs rocked the tech world in 2023, but climate tech seems to be the sole bastion of hope. Companies in the sector have been on a hiring spree over the past year, and it doesn’t look like they’ll slow down in 2024.

Ask Sophie: What changes are in store for PERM?

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

Our HR and operational consulting firm works primarily with tech startups. Would you provide an update on what we should look out for in the new year when it comes to the PERM process? Thanks!

— Hopeful HR



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