The outlook for startups in 2024 is hazy

Even though the economy is signaling a bit of a bounce-back, 2024 might not be much better than 2023 when it comes to startups sharing a piece of the budget pie. 
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Even though the economy is signaling a bit of a bounce-back, 2024 might not be much better than 2023 when it comes to startups sharing a piece of the budget pie.

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If startups want a chance of making it through yet another bumpy year, they need to prove their worth now more than ever. Investors told TechCrunch’s Ron Miller and Rebecca Szkutak that they’re still expecting some pockets of growth. And don’t forget the elephant in the room: generative AI.

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The Rule of X and how cloud leaders should think about growth versus profit

Image Credits: Kostiantyn Filichkin / Getty Images

“Many finance executives love the Rule of 40 for its clarity, but assigning equal weight to growth and profitability for late-stage businesses is flawed and has caused misguided business decisions,” write Bessemer Venture partner Byron Deeter and Bessemer investor Sam Bondy.

That’s why the firm wants to throw a new equation into the ring: The Rule of X, which, according to the authors, places a more “accurate weight on [a company’s] growth and future recurring revenue.”

Pitch Deck Teardown: Metafuels’ $8M climate tech seed deck

Metafuel raised $8 million in seed funding to help its plan of reducing emissions from airplanes. But right away, resident pitch expert Haje Jan Kamps noticed a few things that could be improved: It’s missing a competition slide, the team slide is lacking a bit of oomph, and there’s no clear ask and use of fund slides.

Still, Metafuels is able to paint a picture of a rapidly growing market and how it’s positioning itself to be a crucial player in it.

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Why these 30 web3 founders are optimistic about 2024

Image Credits: Rawpixel / Getty Images

CoinFund’s Founder Forecast surveyed 30 companies across its web3 portfolio and found that things are looking good for web3 companies heading into 2024. For example, 70% of respondents said they plan to hire next year and none are looking to downsize.

A quick guide to ethical and responsible AI governance

Image Credits: DNY59 / Getty Images

“Strong ethical and risk-management frameworks are essential for navigating the complex landscape of AI applications,” writes Phani Dasari, the chief information security officer at Hinduja Global Solutions.

Dasari runs through the key components of AI governance — including policies, procedures and the process itself — to help companies navigate the risks and rewards of using AI.



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